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We help those in need

We are a congregation that strives to use the valuable resource of our building and the people within it to the fullest extent in order to help our community.

First Baptist prides itself on being one of the first organizations in Denver to approve the use of our parking lot for a Safe Outdoor Space, or "SOS," which is a program that uses under-utilized areas to create encampments that are safe, monitored, and have services that enable those that are staying within it to get help in moving to permanent housing.

We have historically also been a shelter for both men and women who are houseless in the Denver metro area, and have partnered with the Women's Homelessness Initiative to be a host site two to three times per month in order to make an impact on Denver's homeless community.

What We're Currently Doing To Help Our Community

Community Fridge

Our community fridge, located on our patio, is a food pantry accessible 24/7 to members of our community. Anything inside and outside of the fridge is free - please take what you need.
Donations are always accepted, by directly placing items in the fridge or by donating food, useful items, or money to the church office.

Volunteers are always needed to source and coordinate pickups and deliveries for the fridge – please contact the church office!

Guidelines for donation:

-        Please make sure prepared meals are labeled with ingredients and drop-off date.
-        No raw meat (not even in the freezer).
-        No alcoholic beverages.
-        Please take a minute to organize or clean the fridge & take out any rotten or expired items.
-        Wipe down handles & inside of the fridge to keep others healthy. Visit the church office if you need supplies.
-        Give what you can, take what you need.

Want to help us do a food pickup? Sign up here.

Capitol Hill United Ministries Lunches

In partnership with Capitol Hill United Ministries, we help to provide lunches that are distributed among local shelters, including the Warren Residences, the St. Francis Center, other Safe Outdoor Spaces, and other locations.

We deliver these lunches on a regular basis. For more information and to sign up to make lunches, please contact the church office at

Colorado Safe Parking Initiative

First Baptist is one of several host sites for the Colorado Safe Parking Initiative, providing a safe and legal option for people who have no choice but to live in their cars. This program has served over 45 individuals to date with several transitioning to permanent housing.

For more information about Colorado Safe Parking Initiative, visit

Benevolence Fund

One way that we directly help our community is by providing direct financial assistance to our members in need. If you are a member of First Baptist and are facing a financial need, please contact the church office to determine how we can help you.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for individuals to help with our outreach projects as well as projects around the building. Contact the church office at 303-861-2501 or to inquire about the latest opportunities.

Partner With Us

Looking for a location to host your non-profit event? Looking for a commissary kitchen to get your community kitchen idea off the ground? Looking for a place to help our community?

We'd love to partner with you and your organization in whatever way we can. Please contact the church office for more information on how we might be able to help Denver, together.