Rehearsal Space

Miller Hall has it all!

Mounting music theatre productions can be a daunting learned, actors blocked, lines memorized and dancers choreographed. You need a space for your creative juices to flourish without the distractions that come at a commercial theater facility.

It's an extravaganza of music, art and creative ideas, but there are long hours of rehearsals to make it all happen and finding rehearsal space in Denver can be difficult since most theaters in Colorado aren't setup to manage more than one production at a time. That's where Miller Hall comes in.

"Our process is a creative interplay between writers, actors, singers, dancers, musicians and directors", says April Alsup, one of Denver's leading music theater composers. "Miller Hall is a perfect place to mount a musical production. There's plenty of space for large ensembles to learn choreography and the space can even be divided into several work groups and/or private rooms equipped with a rehearsal piano. It's centrally located across from the State Capitol ".

Alsup has used Miller Hall to stand up her last two musical productions. In 2017, she used the facility to mount the world premiere of "SISYPHUS" before it's successful run at the Aurora Fox Theater. In 2018, she used the facility to stage "WYSIWYG" before heading off to New York City to participate in the 10th Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, where it won the festival's most prestigious off-Broadway award! 

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NOTE: Our schedule is currently full with theater and other recurring groups. Please contact us for availability on specific dates and times.