Pipe Organ

The Grand Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ

We celebrate the ongoing gift of beauty our Grand Æolian-Skinner pipe organ adds to the nature of music, arts, and history in Denver. 

Hidden Splendor Revealed

Veiled by acoustic screens and standing in five separate chambers on both sides and above the chancel resides First Baptist Church of Denver’s Grand Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ. Though hidden, this mighty instrument projects a majestic wall of sound that glorifies God, pleases the ear, and inspires  the human spirit. Its story is rooted in an American history of ingenuity and invention. Grand size, expansive scope, and historic significance are hallmarks of this incredible instrument.

Monumental Majesty

The largest of its kind in Colorado, First Baptist Church’s pipe organ is made up of over 6,100 pipes. It takes a massive fifteen horsepower electric blower, capable of creating two different wind pressures, to supply air to all the pneumatic controls and wind chests. Tradition holds that this organ has 126 ranks, including 124 wind-blown ranks of pipes and two sets of percussive pipes: tubular chimes, and a glockenspiel...

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